Mar 15, 2012

How to Stay Healthy and Happy in a Stressful Job

Lots of people work very stressful jobs, and though they often get paid well, the cost to their health and happiness can be overwhelming. If you work a stressful job, you need to take your health seriously and be proactive when it comes to your happiness. The following are a few tips for staying healthy and happy, working a stressful job.

Time Management

The ability to manage your time well can single-handedly save you from a mental breakdown, so if you get really good at anything, get good managing your time. Even the busiest people have time to relax if they are managing their time well, and having even a little down time can do wonders for your health and happiness. Any independent medical opinion will tell you that your body needs rest in order to function properly.


You are never too busy to eat, and if you are, call the police because you are being kept in slavery! Seriously, stop and eat, and eat as well as you can possibly afford. If you are working in a stressful job, hopefully you are being compensated for that financially, and if so, make sure you always have good food at home. Your body can run on adrenalin alone for surprising lengths of time, though unless you eat well you are bound to crash sooner or later.

Turn Off Your Phone

It is really important that for at least some part of the day you are not on call, so whenever this is, turn off your phone and relax. Having time to yourself is important to allow yourself to unwind a little and recharge, and shutting off your phone for a couple of hours will make it far more likely you won’t be interrupted.

Leave Town

For people who live close to where they work, it can be great for being quick to get to work, though it also means they are never really very far from work either. Psychologically, it is important to get a bit further away once in a while and totally leave town for a couple of nights, the longer the better. You will be able to better unwind knowing that work isn’t 5 minutes away.


Especially if you are an office worker, everyone should spend at least some part of every day exercising. Whether you walk to work, go for a swim or just kick the footy around with your kids, exercise is an important way to relieve stress and expend pent up energy. Going for a run or to your yoga class is also a great way to make sure you have at least some part of your week be just about you.

People who work stressful jobs often talk about the enormous sense of gratification they get from doing the job well, though you can definitely only do stressful jobs for so long unless you are also taking care of your physical, mental and spiritual health. Make sure you are being good to yourself while you are taking care of business, and you’ll be able to do a better job, for longer, rather than ending up as a workers compensation case.

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