Mar 15, 2012

Traveling for a Good Purpose

I believe that every parent in this world has similar hope for their sons and daughters; they want their teenagers to grow up to become adult people with good health and good moral characters. Care to other people, needy community and environment are only a few of good deeds that parents wish their teenagers can do.

Meanwhile, parents also always concern with their children’s safety, security and survival; but many young people tend to enter and explore the world without paying attention more to their safety. Parents want to protect their loved ones but your teenagers desire to get away from your grip and leave to find out, travel around and discover the world. It seems a contradiction, right?

If you face the similar situation, inviting your teenagers to join volunteer programs can be a great win-win solution. You respect your teenager’s wants for independence and traveling around but you still keep their safety as they will be well guided by trusted people at the corporation that offers the volunteer programs. After all, behind all worries; actually parents want their teenagers to develop to become young people who can survive and struggle without their parents.

Allowing your teenager to volunteer abroad won’t be a wrong decision. You give him or her freedom to get valuable worldwide learning experience. It’s more than just traveling with other teenagers to amazing places. The good volunteer program will provide a chance for teenagers to develop and participate in enjoyable, educational and important activities at the destination place.

Volunteering programs are not just about doing charitable things. As a volunteer, your son or daughter will also learn a lot from the people in the new community. Knowing local traditions and society, acquiring important work experience, making lots of new friends, learning new ability and language, and having broader mind are some benefits that can be achieved. Your teenager will go back home enriched with many good memories and life-changing experience!

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