Mar 22, 2012

Famous Heads of Hair and Baldness

One of the most envious things about a celebrity is their hair (or lack of it). The manes of the rich and famous can cause us mere mortals to copy their style, or even inspire us to get a hair replacement, so we can look just as glamorous as they are. Here’s a list of celebrities who are also famous for their hair or baldness.


The pop queen is world famous for her constant reinvention of music and styles. Her many years in the spotlight have seen her sport dishevelled crimpled hair and bleached pixie cuts during the ’80s, high ponytails and dark long locks during the ’90s, and now her favourite hairstyle seems to be classy medium blonde waves or curls.

Justin Bieber

The teenage pop star heartthrob shot to fame with not only his music, but also his former trademark swoopy bangs. He cut off his hair in early 2011 and now sports a shorter and mature style. However, he did keep some of the snipped locks to raise $40,000 for charity!

Jennifer Aniston

The Friends star modelled the most stylish hair in the ’90s. Her layered, highlighted bob was highly requested at hairdressers. In most recent years, she’s sported enviable luscious, long and straight locks.

Halle Berry

The Academy Award winner has had several hairstyles throughout her career, but it’s her stylish and sexy pixie style cut that makes her stand out from the A-list pack. Her oval face shape makes her pixie cut look youthful and perfect.

Farrah Fawcett

She was known as a Charlie’s Angel and for her very popular 1976 poster, which turned her into a sex symbol and pop culture icon. Many young women emulated her gorgeous, fluffy and flipped out signature hairstyle.

Bob Marley

The reggae superstar was famous for his dreadlocks as much as his music. His dreads were considered to be a part of his identity. Many people inspired to copy his style.

Long haired rock stars

Many rock stars have sported long hair at some point in their careers. Here are some of the popular frontmen who have:
Ø Mike Patton – The extremely talented and versatile vocalist behind bands like Faith No More and Mr. Bungle, had long hair during the late ’80s and early ’90s.
Ø Anthony Kiedis – The Red Hot Chili Peppers lead singer’s style was his long hair and bare chest. He debuted his short hair during the release of the band’s Californication album in 1999.
Ø Chris Cornell – He had long and curly hair during his time in the grunge band, Soundgarden. Then he had short hair in Audioslave before growing it out again recently, just in time for reuniting with Soundgarden.
Ø Ozzy Osbourne – The Black Sabbath singer and reality star has had long, thick and dark hair for much of his career.
Ø Axl Rose – The Guns N’ Roses leader is known for his ginger locks and even had plaits and beads in it at some point.

Famous Baldies

With no hair on their heads, these men could have considered an eyebrow transplant.

Sports stars
Ø Michael Jordan – Considered as the one who introduced the bald look to basketball with other players inspired by the shaved look.
Ø Andre Agassi – The retired tennis player had signs of male pattern baldness in the front of his head early in his career.

Action movie stars
Ø Bruce Willis – Considered as the world’s most popular bald actor with masculine and leading men looks.
Ø Vin Diesel – Women are attracted by his bald head and deep, sexy voice.

Comedy men
Ø Danny DeVito – The loveable funny guy proves that men with short height and balding scalps can also be successful.
Ø Jason Alexander – He’s sported a balding look for much of his career, but has recently had a hair transplant.


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