Mar 13, 2012

Birthday Gift Ideas for Little Girls

Thank heaven for little girls, for every day they get bigger so does the range get wider for gift options. There are so many gorgeous, wonderful items to choose from when buying gifts for girls that one might easily overdo it. Here are some bright ideas to consider when shopping for a special gift for your favourite little girl.

Gifts for Baby Girls 
Baby gifts need to be practical, well made and safe. Natural rubber dummies, organic cotton and natural wood teethers are a super practical and trendy gift idea. So is an organic baby bath pack or organic cotton towels. A set of Marquise or Bonds singlets will make baby feel cosy and warm.

On the more extravagant side a sterling silver personalised rattle makes a lovely keepsake that can be handed down for generations to come. Crocheted booties are always hard to resist and seem to inspire general cluckiness in women unlike anything else on earth. Handmade knitted toys for babies are everywhere right now and will surely give your special baby girl a thrill.

Big Girl Gifts
For girls aged between 3 and 5 the range of gifts gets bigger. Department stores selling
girl’s clothes are positively bursting with tulle covered frocks and spangled numbers that would set your little girl’s heart on fire. Comfort should never be trumped by style however and the key to finding the princess perfect, special occasion dress is to always choose quality over quantity.

The Special Occasion Dress
Quality dresses for little girls don’t have to be expensive and can still achieve that fairytale princess style that little girls adore. Check that the dress is lined adequately so that there are no harsh, scratchy surfaces rubbing their skin. Make sure the fabric is natural or at least a mix as 100% synthetic fabrics do not breathe and can become uncomfortable. Floral prints, frills and vintage designs are all popular now and pink is still the favourite. Plain white with frills, tulle or lace will also make a winning combination for your tiny treasure as it really does capture the essence of the fairytale princess look.

Dress Ups
Little girls love to play dress-ups and there are many different costumes available. The trick is finding out what their favourite cartoon character is first. Dora outfits and accessories will be appreciated as will Angelina Ballerina style outfits. Tiaras, magic wands, ballet slippers and mermaid costumes go down a treat with little girls and when in doubt, think Cinderella. Alternatively a supply of plastic jewellery inside a jewellery box or a trunk designed to safeguard all the exciting costumes both make great little girl gifts.

The Toy Kitchen
There are lots of different kinds of toy kitchens on the market and little girls love them. There are retro kitchens, Dora kitchens, painted wooden kitchens and a good supply of pretend food and utensils too. Some kitchens even have battery operated stove tops that light up and imitate cooking noises. If you are going to buy a toy kitchen it’s a good idea to include some pretend food as well. There’s nothing worse than arriving home, tired and hungry, only to find that the cupboards are empty!

There are so many great books for little girls and reading books to children not only encourages there language and comprehension skills it creates a genuine bonding experience. Many local bookstores have children’s sections and bookstores specifically for children are full of old and new stories that will dazzle and delight. Golden books and classic fairytales may well involve dated themes and messages however children still get a kick out of the wild fantasy. There are many new children’s writers that manage to combine a modern message with adorable characters and a good story – all you need do is take a look.

There are so many wonderful gift ideas to choose from when it comes to little girls. I hope our list of suggestions has helped you think of just the thing for that little angel in your life.

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