Mar 23, 2012

Sky Watch:Cut the Mountain

This cloud with a sharp edge attracted my attention. It looked like trying to cut the mountain. It's a pity I can't capture it clearly; the sky was so gray that day. I captured the cloud from a parking building of a mall in my city (Bogor,West Java, Indonesia).

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Sylvia K March 23, 2012  

Oh, what grumpy skies! They look like what we've had for months! Wonderful cloud shapes and a terrific capture for the day, Lina! Hope you have a great weekend and more interesting/beautiful skies!!


Whispering Thoughts March 23, 2012  

Looks like a painting.

Chubskulit Rose March 23, 2012  

Wow that's thick cloud there. Thanks for the visit Lina.

Indrani March 23, 2012  

Yes! Amazing cloud formation.

Horsoon March 23, 2012  

That's a beautiful sight!

Melbourne Australia Photos March 23, 2012  

It really is a most interesting cloud shape! Nature works wonders, does it not? You've captured it well, considering the conditions!

Anonymous March 23, 2012  

How very dramatic and lovely.

Unknown March 23, 2012  
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Carver March 23, 2012  

Great shot and it does look like the cloud is trying to cut the mountain.

thomas March 23, 2012  

on a clear day it will be a frightening shot

Al March 24, 2012  

Despite the grey that's a great sky to have captured, it's definitely an unusual cloud.

Carletta March 24, 2012  

Quite a dramatic cloud formation!
Thanks for your visit. :)

eden March 24, 2012  

Great shot of the dramatic cloud. Love it.

Lea March 29, 2012  

I've never seen a cloud quite like that one. Very interesting!
Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog post for Sky Watch Friday.
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