Mar 25, 2012

Unique Activities for a Hen’s Day

Getting together with the girls was never so much fun, especially when leading up to the special day. But it’s about more than just high teas, massages and male strippers, right? If you’ve got your own Hen’s Party coming up or if you’re trying to plan one for your best friend, why not try a Perfume Workshop, Floral Arranging Class, Cocktail Making Class, Belly Dancing or even Stand-Up Paddle Boarding?!

Perfume Workshop
Fancy your own
Calvin Klein perfume that’s named after you? There’s nothing like getting to create your own scent that’s customised to you! Perfume workshops are fun classes usually completed in small groups, which take you through the process of creating your own, signature perfume. You’ll experience everything from choosing a theme, to sampling and selecting top, heart and base notes and mixing the oils. And at the end of the workshop you’ll have a bottle of your very own perfume to take home!

Floral Arrangement
Flowers are all part of that special day and it can be a wonderfully creative experience to work with flowers first hand before you get bogged down with all the floral plans for the wedding. Floral Arrangement workshops range from novice to advanced levels (for serious florists) so make sure you choose a class that’s geared towards having fun within the group. And if one of your friends is actually quite good at it, you might even consider getting them to put together your bouquets on the day! Flower arranging can be either a lovely introduction or follow-up to a high tea.

Cocktail Making Class
Shake it up girls! If you’ve ever wanted to know how to make a Funky Monkey, Pina Colada or a Sex on the Beach, a cocktail class is a great way to learn and enjoy a few drinks! You’ll discover everything from choosing the right ingredients (both alcoholic and non) to learning how to throw a drink together and how to garnish, pour, serve. A great way to have some fun, get a little messy and enjoy your favourite cocktails! A great warm-up for a night out on the town.

Belly Dancing
Plunk yourself into the heart of the Arabian nights with a belly dancing class for you and the girls! Most belly dancing workshops are designed to be fun – and they will usually provide you with outfits and costumes so you can get dressed up. Belly dancing can be great exercise to prepare you for lunch or dinner, but don’t do it straight after a meal. When looking, make sure you find one that’s focused on hen’s parties, as they’ll usually give you (or at least the hen) a take home gift. Now swivel those hips, snake those arms and work your seductive charm!

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding
For those who are up for a little more adventure or just perhaps something more refreshing, stand-up paddle boarding is a fun way to discover the ocean and get outdoors! It’s just like surfing except less intense – you stand on the surf board and paddle your way over the waves, giving you a chance to enjoy the scenery. It’s a good idea if you want to have a relaxing girls’ day at the beach and soak up some sun. Just make sure you take lots of sunscreen and umbrellas!

No keepsakes to take home here, though, except for lots of great (and funny) photos.

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kim March 26, 2012  

i didn't have a 'Hen's Day' but if i had, Belly Dancing would be so much fun for me, hehe..

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