Mar 28, 2012

To Stand Out from the Crowd

I believe that fashion always becomes one of women’s most interests. Many women love to search for fashion items –especially clothes- that will allow them to feel special, unique and confidence. My neighbor, Hana, is just one member of the fashion fan group. Last Sunday she dropped by my home and told me about her dress quest. She and her husband will attend an important party at the house of the owner’s company where her husband works. She desires to look impressive in front of her husband, her husband’s employer and colleagues. It seemed not an easy search at all.

My friend loves to see Bollywood movies; it’s no wonder that she’s interested in Indian fashion dresses like kurtis and salwar kameez. She said that she wanted to have an Indian touched dress, but in more luxurious way. I was glad that I can help; I introduced her to Nat Non label. Developed by a today’s famous female Indian fashion designer, the collection of Nat Non will surely amaze every woman with special fondness.

Every design is coalesced with and inspired by vintage style and nature characters. You can see that any added detail and element on a dress really enhances its feminine appeal. My friend has chosen one dress. I’m sure the dress will give her the look that she always wants – charismatic and graceful. Being known that the label’s company has conducted some environment care activities regularly made my friend more assured with her choice. She’s an environment lover as well.

3 komentar:

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 March 29, 2012  

if I have a shape like this,I would stand out too. Alas, !!!!! Gemok!!!!

dhlondhenk March 29, 2012  

nice post sist,hehehe..all about women..referensi buat bini ane neh blog sista..salam hangat.

eden March 30, 2012  

That's a pretty dress. Love the colour too.

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