Sep 16, 2020

How to Effectively Communicate with Your Family Law Attorney?

Once in a while, every family can come across with the inner conflicts. How to solve these touchy issues? A family lawyer is a right person. But for someone who has not talked to a family lawyer very closely will need to keep in mind multiple things at a time.

Although there could be numerous things that need to be thought through before reaching out to a lawyer, here is a quick list to make your struggle easier. The checklist will guide each step from approaching the family law attorney in Los Angeles at the right time and communicating the right things.

Get acquainted with the right form of communication

Every family lawyer is different in its own style of work. You need to find out which work style he prefers but don't worry because it is very easy. You can simply ask the lawyer about the best method of communication; it may email, telephonic conversation, or a face to face meeting.

Once you know what kind of communication is preferred most by the lawyer then it's time you can use the communication mode in the best possible way.

One tip: Don't try to use your methods of communication. A family lawyer may agree to those modes of communication but you may not get the best response.

Know Your case and enquire about it

You may think a family lawyer needs to understand the case but before he does you need to know the minute details of the case. The first meeting is all about your point of view about the case. Also, get the documents in accordance with what you speak to the family lawyer.

It is time that you tell your family lawyer what exactly the outcome you want from the lawsuit. If you yourself are not clear then it is difficult for the family lawyer to go forward with the lawsuit.

Ask regularly about the case

It is your responsibility to reach out every now and then to your family lawyer and be informed of the proceedings of the lawsuit. If you don't understand the legal issues then ask your family lawyer and get a better understanding.

Store the copies sent by the lawyer at a suitable place to be used as and when required. If you are not getting the copies then ask your family lawyer to send them to you.

Limited sharing psychology

It is possible that you don't share some details of the case thinking as those details are not necessary or too personal but this is the point which can weaken your lawsuit. Share each detail related to the lawsuit so that the lawyer can give effective results. It may be possible that you want to settle out of court but your lawyer doesn't know so let him know.

Don't go overboard with the details there need to be a balance specifically on emails. Your lawyer can only help with the lawsuit, not your personal issues. If you are explaining unnecessary things or unrelated things then you are just wasting some productive lawsuit working hours.

Be comfortable

It is really necessary for a client to be comfortable with your lawyer. You may not share each issue, but at the time it is possible to show your emotions. Land Legal Group is a place where lawyers support clients at each stage of the lawsuit.

In the process don't forget why you are at the Land Legal Group because if you do our lawyers are there to help you out. You will be supported and taken forward with the further lawsuit proceedings.


Are you wasting hours of your day without a suitable lawyer? Talk to the best Family Law firm in Los Angeles. Well, you definitely require an experienced Family Law firm in Los Angeles. You need to find child custody lawyers or a divorce attorney in Los Angeles all you need is the right direction and a clear path to get through your tough time, so it is highly important to take your decision wisely. I wish you all the luck that prevails!

Important Steps To Improve Your Chances Of Getting What You Desire In Family Law Hearings

While taking the call to file a lawsuit, you may not consider the various tactics used in the lawsuit but these tactics play a crucial role. Even more, some of the basic guidelines can totally change the lawsuit. If you are from Long Beach you definitely require a family law attorney in Long Beach to learn more tactics or need help with an experienced lawyer from the best Family Law experts. However, this article presents some of those essential gaps that you can fulfill to increase your winning chance.

Get ahead of the schedule

1.    A lawsuit will have multiple deadlines to be dealt with and if you are doing your part before time then it is a plus point. How? You are giving time to judge to read your papers.

2.    It is possible often that the judge won't read your papers at all so you must take the first call and do as soon as you can.

3.    Moreover, if you are missing the deadline then don't expect from the court to be lenient. It may happen so that you get a monetary penalty or your case is dismissed.

Know the core elements of the papers

  • If you are just thinking to jump into the ocean then brother things don't happen that way. You need to prove each point in the lawsuit.
  • If you are filing a lawsuit for Intellectual Property Rights then it is necessary to prove that you created the patent.
  • While proving the authenticity of the evidence you need to make sure of not taking any illegal ways. During the proceedings, a judge may easily find out about the unreal documentation or illegal methods.
  • What you must prove during a lawsuit? The jury instructions are those which are needed to be proved by you. So this is a clue to the case.
  • If you are on the defending side then you must prove at least one point of opposition is false.

Submit papers with great details

Specifically, if you are the moving party then it is really necessary to never state arguments. Your papers are detailed when they contain the necessary facts. Understand the difference between facts and arguments from a legal perspective.

Stating the facts is not the only thing required, you need to prove the facts with various documents and evidence. These documents should be verified and authentic.

Know what opposition can object and then prepare for the documents accordingly. You can also refer to various case laws if required.

Know your opposition

    Knowing your opposition is the best strategy to date. You need to closely read and understand the papers submitted by the opposition. It is the first step towards learning what they want from the lawsuit? And various other aspects.
    Eventually, with a thorough reading and contextual understanding, you may identify the weaknesses on the opposition side. These weaknesses will play a major role in strengthening your case.
    You may find some of the discrepancies in the papers submitted by the opposition. These minute details can be used at the time of the lawsuit and increase your winning chances.
    If you are just reading the facts started by the moving party then go in deep and read about the supporting documents submitted.

Learn court etiquette

Before stepping to your lawsuit, learn from others. You can sit in the court trials that are dealing with the related issue. It will help you out in presenting yourself during your trial.

Learn to respect. Once you start giving respect it will help you in creating a better impression. You can start by calling the judge as ”your honor”.

In a lawsuit, there will be various situations when you want to speak or disagree or worse but try to avoid interruption. At times opposition will bring unfavorable points or even a judge may agree with it but you need to keep calm.

What if the opposition takes an unfair advantage? In this situation, you need to keep your point in front of the judge. A judge will help you out in maintaining a better situation


The above-mentioned steps can help you to improve your chances of getting what you desire in family law hearings. To get deeper you need to get in touch with the top divorce atorney in Long Beach that effectively holds expertise in areas of child custody, car accident, criminal defense, and divorce. I wish you all the luck that prevails!

Sep 14, 2020

How Can An Evaluator Help Facilitate Child Custody & Support?

Dealing with the divorce is not an easy task and could be quite traumatic for an individual to cope with, and when children are involved, the whole expectation of how the custody of the children will be handled is the essential part to deal with. Well, the situation could not be the same as you thought, and things may not fall into the places. Sometimes, it also happens that agreement may not work out between the spouses, of course, you need to consult a family law attorney Los Angeles or child custody attorney Los Angeles and an attorney may advise you to consider child custody evaluation. Well, it is really important for you to know how an evaluator can help facilitate child custody & support?

Here are some things to know about evaluation and how can an evaluator help facilitate child custody & support?

How to choose an evaluator?

A jury may help you by assigning an evaluator or you can choose from the several evaluators suggested from the court. However, still, the agreement of getting the same evaluator is important. And if both parties are not able to agree on the same person conducting an evaluation, it is better to go for a private evaluator or choose two different ones to make things work out.  And also make sure if your child has some special needs and your evaluator is skilled and experienced enough to work on that.

How does the process take place?

Once the decision is made to go for the evaluation there are several things you must expect to take place. Well, this is quite obvious that you and your spouse will be interviewed, and not only that your child may also be interviewed. Well, the evaluator needs to know the nature of the parents and children and so will take some time to observe you and your spouse and will also note down the details of your interaction with your children. Evaluators also review the file of your case and collect all the information that is required to deal with the case, not only that, he/she will also consult the children's doctor in order to collect all the information that necessitates reading the case and creating the report.

What information does the report involve?

Once the evaluation is completed the court and parents receive a copy of the findings in the report.  The report consists of the detailings done by the evaluators, thoughts on custody, visitation, and time-sharing. In some cases they may also recommend therapy entirely depending upon the situation.  if an evaluator notices any substance abuse, depression, misbehavior they may recommend you how to deal with that as well.

With keen observation, experience, and great efforts they recommend the ideal custody where everybody is involved.


As the report is received now it's the parent's duty to discuss the findings with their respective family law attorney Los Angeles. And if any parent does not feel satisfied with the evaluation report and request for the second evaluation. And if both the parents find the report satisfactory and agree on the findings can of course go with the recommendation done by the evaluator. To go for this both the parents need to agree on the custody terms, report, and the recommendations done by the evaluator, however taking a piece of valuable advice from an attorney before making a final decision will help you a lot to get through the whole decision-making process.  Well, it is true that things will not be that easy but you need to make wise decisions in order to get a peaceful divorce.  I wish you all the luck that prevails!

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