Nov 14, 2022

7 Upgrades That Can Raise Your Home Value in Las Vegas

a nice house whit a grey-brown theme

Although a complete remodel may raise your home value, there are other ways to enhance your living space without going into debt or exhausting your savings. Do-it-yourself home repair jobs like painting, re-grouting tiles, and power washing the outside won't break the bank and could significantly increase your home's value.

With little elbow grease, a can-do spirit, and a little cash, you can increase your home's selling price when the time comes to move on. Even if you're not ready to sell, you could benefit from living in a more attractive dwelling. Also, just like buyers are looking for when it is best to buy a home, the same goes for selling. Be sure to determine the best time for selling and buying a home. In the end, you should think about some of these low-cost but high-impact ideas for improving your home in advance.

A new roof is your most powerful tool

In every real estate transaction, a brand-new roof is the most noticeable improvement that potential buyers will see and will raise your home value the most. Your real estate agent will probably inform you that a new roof is appealing to buyers because it eliminates the need for re-roofing. The majority of buyers cannot afford substantial post-purchase expenses like a new roof. To play it safe, they could pass on making an offer on the house with an older roof. Does this mean that putting in a new roof will automatically increase your home's value? 

Roof replacement is necessary when the roof has reached the end of its service life or is leaking, causing a decrease in the value of your home. Though premium shingles are likely to boost the value of your home, this may not be the case. It's tough to say how much a new roof will add to your home's worth. The roof's condition, the current situation of the real estate market, and the tastes of potential buyers are all factors to think about. Also, don’t forget to hire about bird control. Nothing will damage your roof like birds, trust us. So be sure to hire experts to handle this issue since they can help prevent this.

New red tiles on a roof
Be sure to change your tiles; it will make the roof a lot better

How much does it increase the value?

Getting a new roof is a smart financial move, according to the findings of at least one study. An average American household will spend $22,636 on a new medium-grade asphalt shingle roof in 2019, as reported by Remodeling magazine's Cost vs. Value Report. A new roof adds about $15,427 to the value of a home. To put it another way, this is a return of 68% on the initial capital.

Other research, however, has shown that a new roof adds far more to the property's worth. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) found that roof replacements have an average return on investment of 109 percent.

A new roof is a worthwhile investment, but how can you be sure that you will get back the money you put into it? There are a few things to think about before deciding on a new roof, including the condition of your current roof, the local property market, and your own preferences.

Ceiling fans are a good investment

Considering the cost of electricity these days, it's no surprise that ceiling fans are a popular home improvement. By directing rising warm air downward, ceiling fans reduce the need for air conditioning or heating, resulting in cost savings. A good fan shouldn't cost more than two or three hundred dollars, although even the most basic ones go for around $50. The price of this installation is likely to climb significantly if you need to hire a professional because there is no existing wiring from overhead lighting.

A ceiling fan above egg chairs
A ceiling fans can improve your house value for a low cost

A new hardwood floor can push your home to new heights

In older homes, hardwood floors are typically covered up by carpet. Wood floors can be identified by their distinctive squeak. If you're unsure, lift the carpet in a hidden area and have a look. It is likely that refinishing your wood floors will be necessary to return them to their former splendor, but this will be a considerably more cost-effective option than installing brand-new flooring. If you were wondering, there are also renovation options you can do in the winter. So be sure to take advantage of that time. Most companies are free and don’t have any work in the winter. So that’s when they’ll get work done the fastest.

Upgrade small appliances

Replace the doors and front panels of your appliances directly from the manufacturer if you find that they don't all match. You may avoid spending money on new appliances while also giving your kitchen a more unified look.

Invest in updated, energy-efficient models of commonly used equipment to reduce your impact on the environment and your bills. It's possible that Seattle City Light will pay for your energy costs. Prospective homeowners are looking for ways to cut costs when purchasing a home.

Improve your bathrooms

The report found that homeowners may recoup between 87.7 and 93.5 percent of their money after remodeling a bathroom. In the kitchen, moderation is key. Bring in new furniture, re-paint the walls, and re-grout the tub. To make a bathroom look better, you may replace the mirror and the lighting. This is guaranteed to raise your home value.

Remodel your fireplace

When wood is burned in a brick fireplace, soot and creosote stain the masonry. Improve the aesthetic value of your fireplace as much as possible, as it could be a deciding factor in whether or not a buyer chooses to put in an offer. First, use a damp cloth to remove some of the soot, and then clean the fireplace using a product designed to get rid of creosote. The brick will look fantastic after some rigorous scrubbing and possibly numerous applications. Besides the fireplace, the living room is the most important part of the home. Be sure to remodel and make it look and feel good. Buyers will look at the living room first.

A nice living room with a fireplace and a TV that will raise your home value
A good-looking living room will leave a good first impression and will increase your home value a lot

Get your basement in order

An unfinished basement can be used for storage, but it can't be used for anything else, such as a home office or a place to host guests. HomeAdvisor estimates a return on investment of up to 75% for a basement finishing project of 400 to 1,500 square feet.

Top real estate agents explain that you can add more heated square footage, which will raise your home value. A finished basement can add $40,000 to $50,000 to a home's value. The average cost to finish a basement is $18,400 but can rise to $34,000 depending on the size of the basement. HomeAdvisor states that although this project necessitates the installation of flooring, drywall, and paint, the final result is a "valuable blank canvas" for potential buyers.


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