Jun 14, 2013

Quality Interior Design in the Traditional Kitchen

Modern trends some and go, but there are some elements of interior design which always look stylish. This article discusses the permanent trends in kitchen design and tried and tested materials and products which have always been functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Work surfaces 
The work surfaces are arguably the most important and prominent visual feature within a kitchen. They are situated just below eye level and by nature are used frequently by the users of the kitchen. Therefore it is essential that any home-owner should be happy and satisfied with the work surfaces which they are using. Wooden materials such as oak work surfaces are tried and tested products from which to build upon kitchen design. Oak work surfaces look incredibly naturally rustic and age incredibly well. For this reason quality wooden surfaces can increase the value of a property as they are desired by prospective tenants and their durability means that they will not require regular replacement.

Possible the second most prominent feature within a kitchen is the actual storage space one uses. When considering how best to use storage in the kitchen it is important to consider whether it should be open plan or closed. Cupboards often line a kitchen wall and therefore take up a lot of space. Pastel or cream colours bring a warm and rustic aesthetic to a kitchen but wooden doors are also very effective. Alternatively, you may wish to consider using open plan storage keeping crockery on shelves and hanging pots, pans and cooking implements around the cooking area. This can look incredibly effective and rustic, but can get out of control if you have two much stuff. A combination of cupboards and open plan storage can contribute to a very functional kitchen.

One of the key things about flooring is that it should complement the rest of the kitchen. Sometimes a floor is difficult or expensive to replace so this is not an option. Wooden flooring can compliment oak work surfaces and the colour design of the kitchen. However,the use of stone flooring is perhaps the ultimate epitome of the rustic farmhouse kitchen. Furthermore, stone flooring using pammets or tiles can also real complement wooden work surfaces.

Modern cooking utensils can look very effective within the traditionally rustic kitchen and traditional cooking ware such as large earthenware storage jars and Le Creuset casserole dishes can also look really effective and compliment oak work surfaces. The most important thing is to purchase quality items and quality materials. It also looks really impressive to have some consistency in terms of colour coordination. For example if you have modern stainless steel pots and pans, sticking to this colour scheme can look really effective, the same goes for painted or decorated pots and pans. Some of the most effective kitchens in terms of both style and function have different styles for different items.

AUTHOR BIO: Diyana Hall has been writing about interior design for over fifteen years, specialising in emerging trends as well as tried and tested methods of home improvement. Diyana has written for a range of newspapers, magazines and online media and has recently been writing features on the Finest oak work surfaces and wooden interior design products.

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