May 31, 2014

Canna Flowers

Canna flowers at Bogor Botanical Gardens (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia). Captured after the rain stopped. A famous spot inside this Botanical Gardens. I took these shots last Monday. During weekend, this place will be full of people.
Canna flowers
Wet Canna
Canna flowers

9 komentar:

Jocee May 31, 2014  

A nice bit of colour surrounded by all the green. Love that first shot.

sunshine May 31, 2014  

Looks like a great place to visit and a good idea to go a a Monday. Beautiful photos.

Carver May 31, 2014  

I love the rain drenched flowers.

Mascha May 31, 2014  

Ohh, the rain.. -
Earlier I had a Canna in my garden, but in Germany is to cold for it :-(
Nice to see here -

Small City Scenes May 31, 2014  

Beautiful Cannas but the rain really beat them down. MB

Unknown May 31, 2014  

Beautiful! The raindrops are so pretty.

Arija June 02, 2014  

They do flop with the rain but hold their heads up again when they dry off.

Unknown June 03, 2014  

nice stunning photos :)

roffe June 04, 2014  

Nice place.

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