Jun 3, 2014

Bogor City Anniversary

Today, June 3, is the 532 years anniversary of Bogor city. Since two months ago, we have a new leader, young leader named Bima Arya Sugiharto. With the tagline  change” and ”can”  that brought by the new leaders, hopefully it can bring this city into a comfortable and safe city.
The side of Bogor Presidential Palace captured from Bogor Botanical Gardens
Bogor City Hall (Balai Kota)
The City Hall is used as a work office for Walikota Bogor (the city government leader). Some city government offices are located on the back of an additional building. 

5 komentar:

Gattina June 03, 2014  

Looks very nice ! Happy anniversary !

Small City Scenes June 03, 2014  

A beautiful building. We all love the words 'change' and 'can' when it applies to politicians. Yes? MB

Leovi June 03, 2014  

Nice photos. Awesome place! Congratulations to all the inhabitants of Bogor, I wish you good luck!

Gemma Wiseman June 03, 2014  

Beautiful, grand buildings and so love the water feature.

Rajesh June 03, 2014  

Beautiful place in a picturesque place.

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