Jun 15, 2014

Lotus: Buds and a Bloom

Captured in different ponds inside Bogor Botanical Gardens. In a pond that located near the Bogor Presidential Palace, I saw several lotus buds with no blooming flower at all. In another pond, I saw a pink blossom among huge lotus leaves.

7 komentar:

Unknown June 15, 2014  

Gorgeous blossoms!

sm June 15, 2014  

beautiful photos

Linda June 15, 2014  

Looks like a beautiful place!

Karen June 15, 2014  

Gorgeous shots Lina!

Arija June 15, 2014  

Lovely shots of the Lotus and Victoria Amazonica.

Carver June 16, 2014  

These are so lovely shots.

Ela June 22, 2014  

Gorgeous blossoms ! Wonderfully captured water on the leaves !

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