Jun 13, 2014

Choosing the Right Floor and Carpet Cleaning Equipment for Your Business

So you've decided to try your hand at the carpet cleaning business, have you?  While that's a growing field and profitable business to get into, it can also be costly to start out.  You must buy the right carpet cleaning equipment or you won't stand a chance of achieving any type of success.  A bucket of water and some strong soap just aren't going to do it.  So here are some tips about how to choose the right floor and carpet cleaning equipment for your new business.

Buy New
Before you start out in the business you'll have to invest in some specific carpet cleaning equipment that is essential to everyone in the industry.  First off, you'll have to opt for either manual or truck-based equipment.  It's the opinion of the majority of qualified experts that truck-based is the best choice, because it does the better job.  Now, the question is do you purchase used or new equipment?  Even when it comes to floor cleaning the answer is really what you can afford.  If you search certain online sites you will see there is pre-owned truck-based equipment for around $6,000 or so.  You can probably handle that, while new equipment can be anywhere from $8,000 to as high as $40,000.

Once you've decided which way you want to go, you should make certain that your equipment has a warranty.  Broken equipment can be costly both in repairs and the time lost from your business.  There's also another reason for buying new, and that is so that you can compete with those companies already in business who manage to remain on the cutting edge of a constantly changing industry, even the carpet cleaners in Australia.

Buying Used
The option of buying used specialized equipment really isn't as bad as it may seem. Lots of people do it when they are first launching their carpet cleaning business, and it hasn't hampered their ability to run a perfectly fine business.  You just need to be very careful that you don't get cheated.  It takes more than just an eye test to be certain that you are buying equipment that is worth the money you are investing. That means that you have to know what you are doing when you face someone who is trying to sell you used carpet cleaning equipment.

You also have to be prepared to give your customers the ultimate in service to compensate for the fact that they will be aware of the fact that you are using used equipment.  But as the saying goes you can't judge a book by its cover, and most people will give you a fair chance even under these circumstances.

Carpet cleaners the world over, even the carpet cleaners know that purchasing certain types of used equipment is okay.  Buffers, ladders, mop buckets, etc., are just fine if used and in fact it even makes more sense to buy them used because they are only going to take a beating in the normal course of doing the work they were designed for.

Mark Long is a long time freelance writer with extensive experience writing about the entire carpet business, from buying the best carpet, to carpet cleaners in Australia, to how to properly clean one, and how to pick the best used carpet cleaning equipment.

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