Jun 12, 2014

Four Reasons Why No One Is Buying Your Products or Services

Do you have a great business idea but are constantly frustrated about the fact that your sales numbers are low? Do you constantly wonder why nobody buys your goods despite their innovation and usefulness? If so, you are definitely not alone. Companies all over the globe struggle to entice new customers at first and most will fold because they don’t realise the following important facts.

They Don’t See the Inherent Value

While you might think your products and services are amazing, it’s vital to remember the public doesn’t see them in the same way. This is because you know how much work has gone into these offerings. Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes though; they simply see a business advertising a specific item or offering some sort of assistance with nothing to distinguish between your company and the rest.

To get over this obstacle, you will have to put some effort in and sell, sell, sell! Make sure to try and help the public see the value of your products and services by showing them how their lives will be improved by them making a simple purchase. Even though you have a good idea of how amazing your offerings are, the average consumer won’t recognise this at all unless you make an effort to open their eyes.

They Aren’t Convinced It Works for Them

It’s also important to understand some basic consumer psychology when working out why your products aren’t selling. In most cases, a buyer will look at something being sold and tell themselves it won’t work for their specific case. For example, someone may be:

·         Unconvinced a new tablet computer or mobile is worth learning
·         Unsure a weight loss program will work for their body type
·         Afraid your website design isn’t suitable for their industry market
·         Sceptical that they’ll look attractive in that new design of dress

Some smart marketing can help get around this. While promoting, include info on as many relevant areas as possible. For example, a language teacher can say how they help with skills such as essay writing, business speeches, travel vocabulary and simple conversation skills. Be as broad as you can to convince a wider range of consumers.

You Haven’t Researched Your Customers

Another common reason for a lack of buyers is that the business owner knows their product or service backwards but has no idea about the market they wish to reach. Instead, client intelligence and mystery shopping can provide detailed analysis that gives plenty of information about your target audience. Even in a market with a lot of competition, you can find answers to the following important questions:

·         Are there any holes that aren’t be served by your competitors?
·         How can you offer better service than other businesses?
·         Which of the basic human desires should you cater to?
·         Can you provide improved methods of catering to consumers?

The smart business owner will do their research and tailor their offerings to the public. Instead of just assuming your products and services will sell well, you should always analyse the buyers and the market and find new ways to satisfy them. By fulfilling their desires, you will then find it easier to convince people to purchase your goods or make use of the services that your company has available.

You Aren’t Being Pushy Enough

Lastly, you may not be taking advantage of as many marketing opportunities as you need to. For new business owners, there’s a fear of being too pushy and driving away customers. While this can certainly be true, what generally happens is the entrepreneur steps back completely and fails to promote at all!

Instead, you should develop a more efficient promotional strategy, marketing your company at the right times but not too frequently. Give your customers something of value for free and, when you have their attention, promote yourself in a strong, confident manner. Done correctly, you won’t be too pushy and you can still convince interested buyers to make a purchase!

By following this advice, you can get out of that zero-buyer rut. Change the way you view the market and reap a whole range of financial rewards through increased purchases and added interest in the products and services you have available.

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