Jun 6, 2014

Sky Watch: Grey Sky above the Curving Bridge

Captured in a riverside eating place in one afternoon. There’s a man made water channel where visitors can rent and ride boats. Water bikes are also seen there but I saw no one using it.
That day, we had grey sky the whole day.
 Sky Watch Friday

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Photo Cache June 06, 2014  

like the colorful boats.

Kcalpesh June 06, 2014  
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magiceye June 06, 2014  

Nice captures!

Carole M. June 06, 2014  

seems 'grey skies' are widespread at the moment; a week of them here on East Coast Australia. Enjoyed your curved bridge photos...

Leovi June 06, 2014  

Yes, wonderful, funny pictures, I love that beautiful place for boating!

eileeninmd June 06, 2014  

A fun place to enjoy the water! Great shots. Happy skywatching and have a great weekend!

Steffi June 06, 2014  

Very beautiful photos for SWF!Thank you for sharing and have a nice weekend.

Jan K. alias Afanja June 06, 2014  

Too bad the sky was grey all day, but thanks to the boats you could make some nice and colorfull photos.
Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend.

Heather June 06, 2014  

Looks like a nice place to spend an afternoon. Thanks for visiting!

Dancin Fool June 06, 2014  

That's the great thing about Sky Watch, you get to see all kinds of skies, and I like all kinds of skies! Thanks for your visit :0)

Anonymous June 06, 2014  

WHat a pretty bridge.

Indrani June 07, 2014  

Nice picnic spot.

Linnea June 07, 2014  

What a fun place to explore by boat! The little foot bridge is charming...

JANU June 08, 2014  

Nice and colorful.

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