Jun 28, 2014

Breastfeeding Myths

No one denies that breast milk is the best food for your babies. But there are some myths out there that may make new moms reluctant to breastfeed their babies. So, here are some breastfeeding myths and the true facts about them:
Myth : Breastfeeding is very troublesome
Fact :
There is no easier way than to feed your baby with breast milk. Mom’s breasts do not like to be bottles that need to be prepared first. Breast milk alone is appropriate dilution and milk, it doesn’t need to be adjusted and measured as well as a bottle of milk. And always be ready when the baby needs. At the time on the trips, you don’t need to worry about flasks, spoons, etc.

Myth:Mom is too tired to breastfeed immediately after the baby’s birth
Fact :
Except in emergency situations, a new mother is able to breastfeed immediately (early initiation of breastfeeding). Breastfeeding babies straightly is very useful for mothers as it helps in preventing bleeding.

Myth: Newborns can’t breastfeed their own
Fact :
Babies have a strong instinct to find the nipple during the first hour after birth. If not breastfed immediately, this instinct will be disrupted and resulting in complications and troubles in breastfeeding

Myth: Breast milk hasn’t come out, what for breastfeed babies?
Colostrum -the yellow first fluid is breast milk. Colostrum will exit immediately after birth, though only a little, but enough amount for your baby. Colostrum will be out for 3-4 days.

Myth: Breastfeeding is not possible when you have small breasts and sinking nipples.  

The outside appearance is totally different from how a mother can produce breast milk. Inverted nipples do require preparation before breast-feeding. Babies like milk that comes out from any shape of mom’s breasts.
Myth: The first breast milk is very little, then the baby will cry and hungry when not given other food or drinks.
Although the fluid that comes out seems in a little amount, it is sufficient enough for newborns because newborn’s stomach capacity is only about 4 teaspoons.

Myth: Infant formula milk will make babies fatter
Most important substance for infants can only be obtained from natural sources, namely breast milk. Infants given formula-fed at 0-2 months of age will be at risk 12 times of diarrhea disease than infants fed breast milk alone.

Knowing the truth about breastfeeding myths and facts will ensure every new mom to breastfeed their babies sincerely.

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Yatty July 01, 2014  

NiTq for sharing..Breastfeeding is my passion..

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