Jun 10, 2014

Red Fruits

Red fruits have inviting and attractive looks. Here are a few examples of them:
Red cherries on a birthday cake
Red water guavas
Red strawberries
 What is your favorite red fruits?

4 komentar:

Gattina June 10, 2014  

Now I want to eat all of them, just out of the screen ! If only that would be possible !

Dunia Impian June 11, 2014  

I like eat most of all fruits...tomato is my favourite fruit..it's good for our eyes and skin health.

Hazel June 11, 2014  

Gimme the red water guavas! It's called 'tambis' in my hometown.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 June 13, 2014  

miss those water guavas which are so refreshing.

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