Jun 27, 2014

Sky Watch: Sunrise at Kingkong Hill

I don’t know why the hill named as Kingkong Hill. It’s one of favorite view points in Bromo National Park (East Java, Indonesia) to watch sunrise at Kingkong Hill. We chose this view point as it seems the nearest spot from the road -compared to others. We waited coming sun in dark and cold.  Though the sun was hiding that morning, I still enjoyed the sunrise beauty.
Sunrise at Kingkong Hill
Watching sunrise together with others
Sunrise at Kingkong Hill
Closer shot

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Alexander June 27, 2014  

What a beautiful sight! I love the mountains between the clouds and the colours are just stunning.

Have a good weekend.

Alex's World! - http://www.kakinan.com/alex

Sylvia K June 27, 2014  

What an incredible way to begin any new day!! Superb captures, Lina, thank you for sharing and thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments!! They are appreciated!! Have a lovely weekend!

Light and Voices June 27, 2014  

My favorite photo is the last one. Wowza!
JM Illinois

Photo Cache June 27, 2014  

perfect spot for sunset watching, although it would really be interesting to know why it was named such.

Anonymous June 27, 2014  

Truly magical views and shots.

Karen June 27, 2014  

I'm never up early enough for a sunrise. Lovely shots! I really like the first one, a pic of you taking a pic?

magiceye June 27, 2014  

The last image is beautiful!

HansHB June 27, 2014  

Beautiful post for SWF!

Leovi June 27, 2014  

Beautiful photos, I love this beautiful sunrise in the mountains!

Jan K. alias Afanja June 27, 2014  

It's a pity the sun kept hiding, but the light and the colours are still very beautiful.

NatureFootstep June 27, 2014  

maybe the old movie was recorded tehre. :) Gordeous place.

Spare Parts and Pics June 28, 2014  

Beautiful! Looks like you had quite a crowd enjoying the sunrise.

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