May 2, 2014

Sky Watch: A Statue in Gray Sky

The male torch bearer statue was created as an award for young men and women for their participation in the country’s development. This statue is symbolized with a strong young man holding a plate contains fire that never goes out as the embodiment of the development sprit that never dies.

Originally planned to be unveiled at the Youth Pledge Day dated October 28, 1971, but since the construction hadn’t been completed; it was inaugurated in March 1972. The statue located in Senayan Roundabout, a strategic place as a meeting point between Senayan -the gateway of Central Jakarta, Indonesia- and the South Jakarta area.

My husband captured the statue while driving with his camera phone. The traffic jam gave him chance doing it.

4 komentar:

HansHB May 03, 2014  

Great post!

Carver May 03, 2014  

I like the statue and the way the shot is emerging from the traffic is very cool.

DeniseinVA May 03, 2014  

Your husband took wonderful photos Lina, it's a lovely statue.

Thomas Lee/Lee Lip Pang May 04, 2014  

a nice tribute to the contributors of development.

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