Apr 29, 2014

Especially for Women

To protect the safety of women and prevent the occurrence of sexual harassment inside commuter train, we ever had a special-for-ladies train consists of eight carriages, that operated from October 2012 to May 2013. Sadly, this special train no longer exists, but there are still two special carriages for women in every series regular commuter train. Better than none at all.
The train was captured at Depok railway station (West Java, Indonesia)
Usually these two special carriages located at the front and rear of the train. My husband captured it for me. How's in your place? Do you have any public transport for ladies only? I think it's already a necessity in big cities where women often become targets of crimes. We need to feel safe while using any public transportation.
The first carriage of the train is only for women and kids.

5 komentar:

Magical Mystical Teacher April 29, 2014  

Separate quarters for women: great idea!

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Ruth Kelly April 29, 2014  

Not in my city. Everyone rides the train together. We don't even have ticket takers - just ticket checkers every so often.

Leovi April 30, 2014  

Yes, wonderful designs on that train!

Anonymous May 01, 2014  

Nice shots. And a good idea in countries where harassment is such a big problem.

CHEATHELPS May 04, 2014  

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