Apr 1, 2014

Random Reds

Feeling lazy to write, I just share two pics captured by my husband here. 
 Since baby until now, my youngest nephew -three years old- is always massaged before going to bed every night. The therapist is his own aunt who’s a real physiotherapist.
A luxury car -white Porsche- with red maroon car roof.

5 komentar:

Leovi April 01, 2014  

Go Porsche also break down!

Ruth Kelly April 01, 2014  

I think that is what my grandson needs - a massage to relax him. He has jumpy legs.

Gillena Cox April 02, 2014  

luv that car; have a nice Tuesday

much love...

Gemma Wiseman April 02, 2014  

Your nephew is a cute one and adore that Porsche. Don't think I have seen one with a red roof before.

Hazel April 03, 2014  

Nephew is a cutie.

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