Apr 19, 2014

Yellow Flowering Tree

The tree has several common names. People call it yellow poinciana, yellow flame tree, copper-pod or yellow flamboyant tree. Flamboyant is the tree’s well-known name here. I captured these yellow flowers from moving car.
 Based on floridata.com, I read that yellow Poinciana trees are usually planted as specimen trees or as shade trees. They are used as street trees in tropical cities, and commonly planted for shade in tropical and subtropical gardens. They are fast-growing and strong, but they can’t put up with frost.

5 komentar:

Unknown April 19, 2014  

Very pretty colours!

Carver April 19, 2014  

Lovely flowering tree.

Randi April 20, 2014  

Lovely shot...looks very exotic!

Carole M. April 20, 2014  

I've only ever seen the red poinciana in Qld, Australia.
Carole at http://snaphappyonline.blogspot.com.au/

Arija April 21, 2014  

Most tropical trees have difficulties tolerating frost.
The golden tree is so pretty.

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