Apr 3, 2014

Your Makeup Might Contain All Types of Toxins

I read an article written by Lesley Kennedy that conveys worries about the possibility of dangerous chemicals contained in cosmetic products.

Many people say that achieving beauty may give you pain, but we’re getting informed more and more that it may also be poisonous. It’s scary fact, right? According to a study held for Campaign for Safe Cosmetics that mentioned at theguardian.com; it reported that American women are exposed to more 100 various chemicals every day through their cosmetics. Unfortunately, some chemicals linked to dangerous effects like cancer and birth defects.

When it comes to American cosmetic components, TheGuardian also mentioned the related government rules that monitor and control this matter are still limited. A panel called the Cosmetic Ingredient Review has forbidden only 11 chemicals for makeup in the United States, and strangely, there are no consequences for companies who use not-allowed chemicals. While in The European Union, they have disqualified about 1,300 chemicals from beauty products.

Erin Switalski, an executive director of Women's Voices for the Earth says that the current US Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act permits fragrance elements to be maintained as business top secrets. It means that we as costumers aren’t able to know about the chemicals which are exposed from scented products.

So, I think you should try to search for and use chemical-free beauty products. If you still can’t find them, lessen your makeup usage and demand better regulation that will protect more female costumers. Can you do that?

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Vilt og vakkert April 06, 2014  


This I heard twenty years ago, and I am told that Max Factor has minimum of chemical in their products.
I have sensible eyes, too.

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