Apr 18, 2014

Sky Watch: Sky around the Pole

Curly and messy phone cable around the pole attracted me. The pole located in the front of our home. So, I captured a few different skies in the afternoon and sunset moment.

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Cecilia Artista April 18, 2014  

Beautiful skies! Like the three different colors!

eileeninmd April 18, 2014  

Lovely collection of pretty skies! Well done! Have a happy weekend!

Jan K. alias Afanja April 18, 2014  

Great choice to show this in three different settings.
Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend!

Arija April 18, 2014  

Makes for good viewing to have such different skies from the same view point.

Carver April 18, 2014  

I like the mix of shots seen by the phone line.

marilyn April 18, 2014  

Fantastic !! Wonderful colors. The lines and the pole give the photo the appearance of a collage.

thomas April 18, 2014  

love the variety of colors.

DeniseinVA April 18, 2014  

I like your photo very much Lina, and the effects you've used. Thanks for visiting me and Happy Weekend to you :)

Spare Parts and Pics April 19, 2014  

I like the different perspectives you've captured!

Anonymous April 19, 2014  

Lovely photos with added interest from those messy wires.

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