Apr 22, 2014

Modern Kartini’s Role

Yesterday (April 21th) Indonesian people celebrated Kartini Day. Raden Adjeng Kartini is a figure that leads the movement of female emancipation in Indonesia. The efforts done by this smart and brave woman was a manifestation of her concern to the people suffering during the era of colonial Dutch occupation, especially the fate of native women who couldn’t access education at that time. 

In today’s modern era, the education has important role in promoting the dignity of every woman. Modern women are those who continuously update her skills and knowledge in a variety of ways, have a vision for the future as well as broad-minded and responsible. After all, modern women are still a mother or a wife in a family who have specific tasks and roles.

On the one hand, the complexity of women’s role is further increasing, in addition to the demands of today’s era as well as the more advanced social order -both in terms of economy to political social order. Even now it's not unusual anymore when a woman has been able to occupy important positions that used to be held only by men. Indonesia people ever experienced the first female president, Mrs. Megawati Soekarnoputri.

On the economic issue, the role of women becomes more prominent. It can be seen from the increasing number of economic activities dominated by moms. Most of the activities centered on the essential role of women in supporting family economy by establishing a range of creative small businesses -ranging from culinary business to craft family-based businesses. According to www.infobanknews.com, there are more than 60 % of small businesses in Indonesia are run by women entrepreneurs.

These women have really big role in moving the nation's economy. Amazingly they are able to share roles equally, from the household to finance the family economy. So it can be said that they are the real national heroes, a recent figure of struggling Kartini in the past.
A herbal drink (jamu) seller
Female workers in onion fields (Songgom village, Central Java, Indonesia)
It’s a pity I haven’t yet captured famous female entrepreneurs here. For Ruby Tuesday Too, let me share strong women who working hard for their families.

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Magical Mystical Teacher April 22, 2014  

While I wouldn't want to work in the onion fields myself, the photo of these women working is both charming and revealing.

Red Hot Chile Pepper

Ruth Kelly April 23, 2014  

Women have always been the workers.

Alexa T April 23, 2014  

So interesting article, point of view!! Thanks for sharing! All the best!

Leovi April 23, 2014  

Good photos showing the strength of these women! My support for gender equality around the world

livingshed April 24, 2014  

woman power it is

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