Apr 10, 2014

How to Keep Your Kid's Things Organized

How to Keep Your Kid's Things Organized -Kids are rarely known as being neat and organized. If they were, parents everywhere wouldn't have to force their kids to clean their rooms at least once a day or once a week. However, there are ways that parents can keep their kids room as organized as possible regardless of how large or small the room is.

Look at Built In Wardrobes

Built in wardrobes give parents the flexibility to organize their kid's clothes, shoes and whatever else they may wear. As children tend to have multiple sets of clothes depending on the season and for when they play versus when they go to school, a good wardrobe will have many slots and deeper shelves that allow winter clothes and summer clothes to be stored in the same place even if they aren't being used at the same time.

Sliding Wardrobe Solutions May Help Parents

A creative parent will be able to use the space under their child's bed to make it easier to keep all of their child's things organized. Space under the bed can be organized so that toys and stuffed animals can be kept in close proximity at bedtime or during playtime. When playtime is over, the toys can be placed under the bed until they are needed again.

Wardrobe Solutions to Help Kids Keep Organized

Kids who think that cleaning and staying organized is fun are more likely to take part in the organizational efforts that their parents are involved in. Decorating a wardrobe with a child's favorite cartoon character or in a color that your kids like can make it easier for them to get with the program willingly. Depending on how the wardrobe is constructed, organization can become a game where the child has to look at the picture on the cubby and place the corresponding material in its cubby. For example, a cubby that has a picture of a sweater on it can only be filled with a sweater.

Make It Easy for Everyone to Access

You want a storage space that is easy for the kids to access and easy for the parents to access. For kids, it can become frustrating to put toys away if they can't reach the shelf where the toys go. For parents, having a storage space that is too low to the ground makes it harder to access if you have a bad back or bad joints.

Organization is critical when dealing with kids. Instead of spending time looking for shoes, hats or toys, having a place for everything ensures that your kids are not going to come to you complaining that they can't find something that they need.

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Staff Administrator April 10, 2014  

dulunya anak saya paling susah mbak untuk belajar membereskan kamarnya..tapi sekarng..alhamdulillah udah bisa beres2 sendiri tanpa di suruh..mungkin pengaruh dari usianya yg makin nambah ya :)

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