Apr 26, 2014

The Benefits of Books for Your Child’s Development

Not all parents are aware of the benefit of books for children’s development. Books are often only given to children who can already read. Most children who still can’t read aren’t allowed to hold books since parents are afraid they may ruin the book. On the contrary, giving books to those who still not able to read may encourage children to love books since early age.
There are several advantages of books that parents should know, such as:

1. Teaching children reading skill.
Although your child hasn’t been able to read, actually parents may introduce or begin to foster your child’s reading interest even since the child still in the womb. If a baby in the womb can be played to music and asked to communicate by parents, so read the unborn baby books can also be done.

After the child is born, the reading books habit can still be continued at anytime, especially before going to bed, as the baby up to 3 years of age is a period when the baby’s brain is very easy to receive information. You can start with books contain more colorful images. Children under five years old are able to be read books with simple vocabulary. Reading books or telling stories may stimulate their brain development and intelligence, as well as their interests in books.

2. Building good moral characters.
Reading a book with your child is a suggested way to give him or her good moral values. The main point is you have to choose the right children's book agency that supplies appropriate books which contain good values and educative matters. Having good collection of interesting children’s books at your child’s reading level is very essential to support and develop your child’s reading skill and interest.  

3. Developing children’s creativity.
Reading books to children and giving them books may improve their creativity. You shouldn’t be surprised if your child asks so much of this and that like asking why it rains, what is rainbow and so on. You don’t need to feel annoyed, just simply explain it with the use of the related book.

4. Improving children’s language skill.
Children -especially toddlers- very quickly grasp new vocabulary. Therefore adults are always reminded to say good words when being with them. In this case, books can be good sources of many vocabularies that need to be introduced to children. The words in books have undergone previous editing process so that more organized, especially in children's books.
The benefits of reading are undoubtedly; not only in the short term but also long term. Reading can improve thinking ability of one’s brain. It has been proven to prevent dementia and its positive effects can be felt in 20 to 25 years to come. Thus, it’s not only for children’s development, reading books is also beneficial for teenagers, adults and the elderly.

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