Mar 29, 2014

Small Garden at the Back of the Hospital Rooms

It’s nice to be able to join Today's Flowers this week.  My SIL was at home again since last Tuesday. I still have Ixora flower photos captured at the garden behind the patient rooms. There are some Ixora shrubs along the garden. I saw red, yellow and peach Ixoras on each shrub.

4 komentar:

Unknown March 30, 2014  

Pretty blossoms. I hope your SIL is doing well.

Carver March 30, 2014  

Beautiful flowers. I like the way a lot of hospitals have small gardens now.

Ela March 30, 2014  

What beautiful flowers :)
Have a happy Sunday !

DeniseinVA March 31, 2014  

Thank you for sharing these pretty flowers from the hospital garden Lina. And I am very happy to hear that your SIL is home again.

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