Mar 17, 2014

Women in Business Consulting Career

Women in Business Consulting Career -While there are a variety of exciting career paths that women can pursue these days, opting for a career in business consulting can be particularly intriguing. This is the case for many reasons, including the fact that pay is competitive and technological advancements are continually altering the way individuals conduct their business practices. If you are interested in a career in business consulting, the following information regarding women in the consulting sector may be of interest to you:

Business Consulting-The Basics

Although broadly defined, business consulting is basically the practice of helping businesses and organizations improve their overall performance. A variety of methods can be implemented to accomplish this objective, and the most frequently used strategy is the analysis of the current organizational problems as well as development for improvement. Businesses make use of consulting services for many reasons, including the desire to gain objective advice and/or a need to attain the consultants' experience or education-based expertise. The work performed by business consultants is very important for several reasons, including the fact that it can save money and even result in raising capital which the business can use for growth and expansion purposes.

Women In Consulting

Although the world of consulting has been and remains male-dominated, female business consultants are making their mark in the world. At this point, women make up just a quarter of the consulting industry. However, there are many women who operate within the world of consulting as entrepreneurs, experts, and thought leaders. With their dedication to providing clients with high quality services that entail results such as raising capital and/or reducing costs, female consultants are proving that women can hold their own in a professional sector where men have traditionally been the key players.

In order to succeed within the world of consulting, many women have decided to start or participate in unions or organizations specifically designed to help them succeed in their chosen vocational path. For example, provides a support network for women consultants while also advertising its own services through its online business directory. In addition to attaining membership in supportive organizations such as the one listed above, women who opt to pursue careers in the field of consulting are often encouraged to seek assistance from mentors who can help them with their personal and professional development.

Notable Women In Consulting

There are many women who have made outstanding contributions to the world of consulting, and took the time to acknowledge some of them during an awards ceremony last year. The female consultants and their awards were as follows:

»Lifetime Achievement Award: Antonella Mei-Pochtler, The Boston Consulting Group
»Leadership Award: Linda Imonti, KPMG
»Leadership Award: Melissa Kibler Knoll, Mesirow Financial Consulting
»Leadership Award: Barbara Rothenstein, Protiviti
»Leadership Award: Vicki Shillington, North Highland
»Client Service Award: Cheryl Fitch, Aon Hewitt
»Client Service Award: Jillian Griffiths, PwC
»Client Service Award: Becky Roof, AlixPartners
»Client Service Award: Kelly Tousi, ZS Associates
»Future Leader Award: Michelle Gauchat, Deloitte Consulting
»Future Leader Award: Kaylin Kugler, Capco
»Future Leader Award: Thear Suzuki, EY


Although consulting is still an industry dominated by men, women have begun and continue making great strides towards leaving their mark in the sector. In so doing, they diversify and strengthen an important market that plays a profound role in determining how successful and efficient businesses will be.

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