Mar 28, 2014

Sky Watch: Outside the Window of a Plane

Capturing the scenery outside the window of the plane can be a very pleasant thing. The photos from behind the plane’s window can complete the documentation of your trip.

Captured in 2011 during our flight from Jakarta to Surabaya (East Java,Indonesia). I only used my pocket digital camera.
Above clouds and mountains!
Here are photography tips that I read in a travel magazine:

1.Select the best seat.
It’s definitely a window seat is the best option. According to poll, the seat no. 6A is the most favorite. From this chair, you may shoot a view of the sky with the wing of the plane.

Use low ISO –as long as the speed is possible- to avoid the grainy photo, and the shutter speed above 1/250 sec. Aligns the camera lens with a window and don’t attach your camera to the window as the plane is moving or vibrating.

Diaphragm setting tailored to the needs; principally, your small openings mean more extensive depth of field which allows you to capture detailed objects.
Avoid using CPL filter since your photos will have imitation rainbow.
Don’t use the flash at all. It will worsen reflections and also disturb other passengers.

Choose morning or at dusk so you can capture the beauty of the sky.
If you choose the early morning flight to Europe, it will be arriving early in the transit country such as Doha. When you want to shoot below, wait a moment until the plane goes down; and an hour or 30 minutes before landing, in which the position of the plane will be decreased in height.

Your intuition should play in capturing moments. Avoid taking shots when going to take off or landing.

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Photo Cache March 28, 2014  

that's a perfect way to sky watch. beautiful cloudscape.

Anonymous March 28, 2014  

Dramatic clouds - great shots.

Rajlakshmi March 28, 2014  

woww that's astounding :) Brilliant capture.

eileeninmd March 28, 2014  

I also love the window seat. Seeing the beautiful clouds and views of down below.. Lovely images, Lina!

katerchen March 28, 2014  

LG vom katerchen

Jan K. alias Afanja March 28, 2014  

Wonderful shots! I've never been that high in the air ...
Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend!

Leovi March 28, 2014  

Beautiful clouds, nice photos!

giorno26 ¸¸.•*¨*•. March 28, 2014  

Magnifiche immagine con le nuvole.

JANU March 28, 2014  

Awesome shots.

Light and Voices March 28, 2014  

Thank you for the tips of taking pictures from a plane. Your photos are the best I've seen yet. I really, really, really, like the mountain peeking through the clouds it looks like an island in the sky.
JM Illinois

Carver March 28, 2014  

Great shots from the plane.

DeniseinVA March 28, 2014  

Gorgeous Lina, great tips too. Thank you :)

Joe Todd March 29, 2014  

All I can say is WOW

Icy BC April 03, 2014  

Beautiful cloud formation!

Icy BC August 21, 2014  

Beautiful cloud formations! I love the fluffiness of it!

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