Mar 14, 2014

Alcohol Free Perfume Gives You Better Advantages -Lots of women never leave home without wearing their much loved perfume first. For every perfume fan; fragrance is a necessary component of fashion accessories that shouldn’t be overlooked. Besides, recent fashion industry has positioned quality perfume as one of the top accessories and appraised perfume as essential as attire.

Have you ever thought before that commercial perfume available in the market may harm your health? Have you ever tried a kind of perfume and then you suffered allergic skin reaction or even headache, visual or nasal problems? The most possible culprit is the alcohol ingredient or other chemical compounds of the perfume. In this case, alcohol has negatively affected your sensitive skin and you have unintentionally inhaled those unnatural ingredients. The right solution is just leaving any perfume added with alcohol plus other artificial elements and choosing alcohol free perfume for obtaining various advantages.

You should be an informed consumer. For your information, the most general commercial perfume components are essential oils, water, ethanol (a form of alcohol) and possibly other chemical compounds and scent ingredients. During creating a fragrance, distilled water and ethanol are usually added with the intention of lessening the strength of the essential oils. Its ability to vaporize and disperse quickly makes ethanol used in perfume to give refreshing impression on the user’s skin and allow the scent to spread in the air.  Unfortunately, this alcohol ingredient may endanger your health after you are inhaling it by accident. Even expecting women are suggested by doctors to stop wearing this kind of perfume.

The better and healthier option is using all-natural perfume ingredients or alcohol free perfume. Compared with commercially traded perfumes with alcohol which often have over strong smells yet fade quicker; pure natural fragrances are much more simple, soft, classy, and pleasant to the nose. Its scents will last longer as well as its natural perfume oils leave your skin moist and flower scented.

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Wahyu Eka Prasetiyarini March 15, 2014  

wah pasti bau nya harum ya mbak apabila kita menggunakan parfum ini. Tapi di dalam nya ada kandungan alkohol nya ya. Hmmmm jadi bingung juga mau menggunakan nya hehehe :D

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