Mar 18, 2014

Long Queue

Queue is a line of people waiting for something. Can you guess where they are? Well, it’s already common view that you will see every morning inside a public hospital in Jakarta (Indonesia). To obtain free medication service that offered by governor government, you must be very patient since you will wait for hours to only register and then wait again for your turn in a doctor’s practice room.

I’m not a Jakarta resident so I don’t get this free facility. My husband registered at a different counter (self-paying one) and he didn’t need to wait in a queue.
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Unknown March 18, 2014  

Selamat sore Mbak Lina yang baik hati
Ijin simak yah artikelnya, sepert
Yang pernah saya comments jika kurang
Tepat dengan topik maafkan saya. oh ya blog Mbak Lina sudah succesful di
Follow salam hormat selalu yah Mbak?

Philip Verghese 'Ariel' March 18, 2014  

Hi Lina,
Good to be here again.
This is a tedious one though at the end we get what we need LOL
This is a common sight in India too.
Best Regards

Leovi March 18, 2014  

Yes, when you give something free soon long queues!

Magical Mystical Teacher March 19, 2014  

Ugh, I don't do well in long queues!

10,000 Crimson Blossoms

Hazel March 19, 2014  

Those are always common features of public hospitals. I just hope I have something to read if I happen to stand in a queue.

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