Mar 7, 2014

Do You Search for the Right Maxi Dress?

Do You Search for the Right Maxi Dress? -Whatever your body size, you should have maxi dresses in your wardrobe. In fact, maxi dresses can suit many occasions, from a barbecue party with close friends to an outdoor summer wedding celebration. Unfortunately, some women are reluctant to wear this type of dress. Some women think that floor-length dresses are only suitable for tall and slim women.  Is it true?

Fashion experts said that any woman may put on maxi dress.  Today’s maxi dresses come in a range of designs, cuts and styles; you should choose ones that flatter your body type.

I’ve just visited Zalora and seen a range of beautiful maxi dresses offered. Good news is; Indonesian women can find wonderful maxi batik dresses there. You can wear it with proud. Have you already noticed that some international celebrities like Paris Hilton and Jessica Alba also wearing batik dresses?

For women who still hesitant to have maxi dresses; here is a little bit guidance:

Petite or short women
-choose a higher waistline
-avoid large prints
-wear heels

Curvy or plus-size women
-pass up dresses with extra added details like ruffles
-select vertical lines, A-line or V-neck dress

Pear shape or women with wider lower body
-choose dresses that attract attention on the upper part of the body such as maxi dresses with an embellished top or dresses with a light-colored top and darker bottom

Rectangle shape women
-pick column-style dresses with narrow skirts

Busty or women with large chest
-loose fitting, V-neck or cap-sleeved dress will look great on you
Maxi Dress Batik 3 Tone Blue by Giffa

My favorite choice of maxi batik dresses at Zalora collection. What do you think? If you prefer to cover your arm, a bolero can be a great option. Simple accessories, matching shoes or sandals, as well as proper makeup and hairdo will complete your appearance.

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