Mar 1, 2014

You are Ready for the Next Step in Your Relationship? Make it Clear to Your Partner

You are Ready for the Next Step in Your Relationship? Make it Clear to Your Partner - In a relationship, there usually comes a moment when you know that your partner is the one for you and you feel like making a more serious commitment. Then you realise that you want to move on to the next step – be it to move in together, to get married or to have a baby, depending on the state that your relationship is currently in. However, we can't expect from our partners to be able to read our minds or to be on the exact same page at that moment. Therefore, sometimes it's necessary to have a talk with your partner and let him/her know that you are ready to move on, see how they feel about it and proceed to an even better life with the love of your life. Here are our tips on how to make things clear to your partner in order to make the next step in the relationship.

Know His/Her Dreams

One of the most important steps before moving on to the next level is to know exactly what your partner's dreams are. You have to make sure that he/she wholeheartedly includes you in the future plans he/she makes. Also, don't neglect your own dreams. You have to be sure that you can undoubtedly imagine your life with this person before you make a commitment. Let your partner know how you feel about your relationship in general and about the possible next step you would like to take.

Bring Up The Subject

If you feel like you are ready to have a baby, bring up the subject and find out how your partner feels about it. If you are in an earlier stage of your relationship and you want to move in together, don't be afraid to talk about it. It surely depends on the character of every individual how exactly you can bring it up and talk about what concerns you. If you are a more straight to the point kind of person, then don't beat around the bush but just say it directly, if you are sure that this won't frustrate your partner in a way. In case you prefer to be less direct, you can bring up the topic step by step. Start by having small talks about the subject and asking your partner different questions that will make him/her consider the idea more seriously until you are ready to talk about it more openly. Implying different ideas, such as, for example, the fact that cleaning the place wouldn't be such an issue for her/him if you could help. Casually give your partner clues and see how he/she feels about the whole idea of moving on to the next step.

Express Your Feelings

If you want to make the next step in your relationship, it's important to express your feelings. Make it clear to your partner what your ideas are and what you want from this relationship. Starting this conversation might be a bit hard at first but it's definitely worth it. Also, it's not that scary at all. Your partner might be in the same position as well and might be searching for a way to talk about it too.

About the Author: July manages a team of domestic cleaners in London and has very limited free time. When this starts to appear as an obstacle in her relationship she just express her deep feelings to her partner and things get better.

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