Feb 28, 2014

Sky Watch: Sunset Moment

We, sky watchers, never been bored to capture sky moments like sunset as there’s no the same view. This sunset captured from the terrace of a mall in my city (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia). The spot is an open eating place that usually full of visitors every bright afternoon. My husband took the moment with his mobilephone as I forgot to bring the camera. Gave me a lesson : don’t leave home without your camera :)

“Sunset is a wonderful opportunity for us to appreciate all the great things the sun gives us!”   ― Mehmet Murat ildan

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DeniseinVA February 28, 2014  

I like your husband's photo Lina, it's a lovely one for SkyWatch Friday. Thanks for sharing it and wishing you a great weekend :)

Karen February 28, 2014  

It's a lovely! Great contrast between land and sky. I rarely leave home without my camera.

Anonymous February 28, 2014  

Beautiful sunset! Lina, getting to know wordpress is altogether different from BlogSpot. I just discovered yesterday that I needed to approve your comments - so if I haven't replied until now - I'm sorry, my fault:(

Anonymous February 28, 2014  

Beautiful sunset! Yesterday I just discovered I needed to approve your comments, so if I haven't replied until now - sorry!

Anonymous February 28, 2014  

How lovely!

Indrani February 28, 2014  

Some more time remaining for the actual touch down I guess. A lovely bright moment.

scrapydo February 28, 2014  

True never go out with out a camera. When I open my curtains in the morning I watch the sky and hurry out to take first photos

Leovi February 28, 2014  

Nice view of the sky over the city!

Thomas Lee/Lee Lip Pang February 28, 2014  

Nice one,it must be a very tall building.

Jan K. alias Afanja February 28, 2014  

Wonderful shot of a beautiful sunset. I try to live according to your husband's lesson and that has been usefull several times meanwhile.
Anyway, thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend.

Carver February 28, 2014  

Lovely shot of the sky and city.

NatureFootstep March 01, 2014  

I always bring a camera with me. :)

Obat Sakit March 01, 2014  

indahnya menikmati pemandangan saat sunset

eileeninmd March 01, 2014  

Lovely sky and capture, Lina! So true, do not leave home without the camera. Enjoy your weekend!

Yogi♪♪♪ March 02, 2014  

Nice pic, I'm glad your husband filled in the gap!!

Icy BC March 06, 2014  

Fabulous shot, and it's true, I find every minute looking at the sky fascinating!

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