Feb 24, 2014

Guide to Baking Delicious Chocolate Cake

womenandperspectives.com -There is nothing like chocolate cake, and this is something that can surely win any heart. Chocolate cake that is light and fluffy to eat and rich enough for being served with crème fraiche dollop for dessert, can be a great thing to be had. Chocolate has always been a crowd puller, and there is no denying the fact. However, the perfect cake is one that is baked with great care and the ingredients well chosen. Cakes have rather become a part and parcel of any occasion. These days, it has become easy for anyone to order their choice of birthday cakes online in UK.

Preparing the perfect chocolate cake

Ingredients required preparing the cake:
·         50 gm. Dark chocolate melted thoroughly, and cooled slightly.
·         250 gm Butter of good quality, at room temperature
·         Light muscovado sugar, 250g
·         Cocoa powder, 100g
·         Plain flour, 250g
·         Baking powder, 2 tsp.
·         Salt, 1/2 tsp.
·         Large eggs, 3
·         Milk, 250ml
·         Chocolate chips, 50g
Ingredients required preparing the buttercream:
·         Softened butter, 150g
·         Cocoa powder, 50g
·         Icing sugar, 200g
·         Salt, a pinch
·         Milk, 2 tbsp
·         Oreo Cookies, 5.

  • Line and grease the bases of the springform cake tins of 2 x 20 cm with greaseproof paper. Then, the oven is to be preheated to 180C (160C fan)350F/ gas 4. Sugar and butter is to be creamed together along with ½ tsp salt until fluffy and light.
  •  Baking powder, flour, and cocoa are to be sifted together. Now, add eggs to butter mixture, one by one. Then beat till all the ingredients combine properly. The dry ingredients are to be folded in half, and then, followed by melted chocolate. The rest is to be folded, followed by milk for providing soft dropping consistency, and added by chocolate chips. It is to be divided between the present two tins for around 25 to 30 minutes till it becomes firm at the centre.
  • It is to be put on a rack, where it should be allowed completely to be cooled. Only then should the butter cream be prepared. The butter is to be beaten till it becomes fluffy. Later add on icing sugar, salt, cocoa, and if required some milk for loosening up the mixture. One cake is to be placed on the serving plate, and then, third of icing is to be spread on the top. While the second is to be placed on the top, the remaining icing to be spread over it.
  • Now the biscuits are to be broken down into fine crumb in the food processor and sprinkled over the cake.

The perfect chocolate cake is ready to be shared and enjoyed by everyone, and is sure to be appreciated by those who taste it. It has been noticed that chocolate cakes are among the best sellers in bakeries, and most parties be it birthday or anniversaries, are known to order chocolate cakes to make the occasion all the more special and entertaining.

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