Feb 13, 2014

Looking Fabulous on Valentine’s Day

Whether you have a date with a significant other or you are planning a night on the town with your single friends, you are sure to want to look your very best on this special occasion. If you want to make a big impression and get heads turning, take a look at the tips below and prepare to stun!
1. Choose your outfit carefully – rather than grabbing your favourite top, skirt and shoes, and heading out for the evening, think about how each garment you wear will complement your outfit as a whole. If you focus on the overall effect that the combination of clothes you wear will have, you will stand a much better chance of creating an outfit that is truly stunning rather than one that makes you look like you were in a rush to leave home. Looking great is more about dressing to impress for a particular occasion, rather than wearing the most expensive clothes in your wardrobe, and if you keep this in mind when making your selection, you stand a better chance of success.

2. Stick to a healthy diet and workout routine beforehand – the most expensive make-up in the world will do little to improve your appearance if you have an unhealthy pallor from too much junk food and too little exercise. Give yourself the best blank canvas to work with by working out for 30 minutes every day and eating natural unprocessed foods. There are uncountable articles on diets and exercise regimes to be found online, so I will not go into detail here. Suffice to say, the more effort you make in the run up to Valentine’s Day, the better your chances of making a really good impression.

3.   Follow a beauty routine that really works – clear skin and shiny hair will not appear overnight so if you want to make sure that you are the centre of attention for all the right reasons, invest in some good quality beauty products and use them on a regular basis. Natural, organic face moisturizers are great for hydrating your skin and because they do not contain synthetic ingredients, they should not cause any irritation. You can find a good selection of lotions and potions for sale in online stores so there is no need to waste a precious lunch hour driving to the nearest shopping centre in order to get what you need.

4.   Avoid stressful situations if at all possible – everybody knows what it feels like to be getting ready for a big date only to discover to their horror that an unusually large spot has appeared in the middle of their face overnight. If you want to minimise the chances of this happening in the run up to Valentine’s Day, try to avoid situations that you normally find stressful. If this is not possible, read up on stress management techniques to ensure that you are able to remain calm at all times. There is no guarantee that this will keep you spot free of course but it should help you to maintain a clear complexion.

5.   Treat yourself to a day in a beauty salon – even if you already use good quality moisturizers and other products at home, there is nothing like spending the day getting pampered to make you look and feel your very best. If the cost of doing this in a local salon is prohibitively expensive, you could always arrange your own day of pampering at home with a few close friends. Washing each other’s hair, doing each other’s nails and swapping your top beauty tips for looking great can be enormous fun and will help you to stay relaxed too. As long as everybody brings their own beauty products, the day should not cost you anything apart from a few hours of your time.

If after following all of the above tips you still do not think that you look good enough for your special day, you might need to buy a better mirror or invite a friend round to shower you with compliments. Sometimes, it is only our lack of self-confidence that blinds us to the fact that we are truly stunning and sure to turn heads.

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livingshed February 13, 2014  

i love to dress up especially on special day.. happy valentines lina

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