Feb 27, 2014

What Influences the Value of Old Currency?

womenandperspectives.com  -Old currency is worth far more than it was on the day that it was printed, due to the fact that it is now collectible. When you visit a shop that buys and sells this currency, it is important to understand what changes the value. This is true if you want to sell the old money to them and make a profit - perhaps you discovered it in an attic or inherited it, so it is pure profit - or if you want to buy it as an investment. Either way, knowing what influences the value helps you to know what you should buy and sell. 

1. Rarity. 
The most important thing to consider is rarity. If not much of the currency was originally printed, it can be worth quite a lot. If a lot of it was printed at the time but it has been so long that most of it was lost - you will find that even major forms of currency from decades ago can have quite a value now - the value can be very high. This is basically the law of supply and demand at work. If you have the last remaining item from a certain type that was printed or minted, the demand for it is going to be high, and the value will correspond with that. 

2. Condition.
Another thing that goes into the equation is condition. A bill that is in mint condition, that was perhaps stored in an airtight box, is going to be worth a lot more than one that is ripped, folded and faded. Most currency was not collected right at first. It was used in society. This means that it can be in very poor condition from this heavy use. If you have a perfect bill that was held out of circulation, it can really stand out, even if there are a lot of battered old bills from the same printing. 

3. The Time Period.
Another thing that goes into the equation is the time period and what was happening when that money was used. Large historical events that are tied to certain currencies often increase their value because people just find them more interesting. For example, a coin that was used during the Civil War could be worth more than one that was used in the years following the war because people find the war itself to be interesting.

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