Feb 20, 2014

Simple Steps to an Always Tidy Home

womenandperspectives.com -A tidy and shiny home is the dream of every self-respecting lady. The regular cleaning of the home requires a significant amount of efforts but to preserve it clear and nice is another thing.

To do this you must establish habits that will permit you to have a tidy home all the time, not just the day after the cleaning has been performed. When the busy schedule is pushing you every single day and you are not able to devote your time to cleaning here are some simple steps that will have an amazing effect when it comes to clean and order.
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1.Make your bed
And by this we mean to make it every day not just twice a week. Even if you do not pay attention to this little detail it has a great importance. It is the first thing to do after waking up in the morning so it turns out to be the greatest motivator. When you start the day in order it is easier to put an order in the other rooms too.  Now you understand that It is not by chance that our parents have told us to do this repeatedly.

2. Every object on its place  
When you look around there surely appear several object which are put on that place for no apparent reason. Whether they are just left and forgotten under the sofa or whether they just don't belong to this room it's high time you picked them and removed them to the right place. It is the only way to initiate the first steps of a tidy home

3. The clear sink
The clear sink is the evidence that all the dishes have been washed and as a consequence so is the sink.  The constant washing of the dishes gives the whole kitchen the feeling of clearance and order. Surely no one loves the piles of dirty dishes from the last week party that are dangerously popping up from the sink.

The problem with laundry is very popular. The clean and the dirty clothes put on one place or just left accidentally on the floor. Sounds familiar? If so it is time to introduce the laundry bins in each of your rooms. One for the dirty clothes and on for the clean ones.  This will absolutely save you a lot of time and energy.

5. The moment of consistency  
Once you have the motivation it is easy to start, however to be effective these methods need the suitable consistency. You must do this every day in order to acquire the needed  habit. If it isn't a part of your daily life then It won't prove to be effective.

6. A clean towel
Make sure that the towels in every room are clean and tidy- not only in the bathroom but also in the kitchen where towels get dirty easily.  They have essential role as everyone wipes their hands there. So the everyday change of the towels is more than preferred.

These are the basic steps to maintain a tidy and clean home just by establishing some simple rules. To avoid the mess and the clutter you need the right motivation, self- discipline an advice to follow. After that you are free to enjoy the perfection of your clean home.

Author Bio: July Minor has a lot of knowledge and fresh ideas about cleaning and housekeeping. She currently works as a manager for Sparkling Carpets and has a lot of free time to write for her readers.

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