Feb 7, 2014

Sky Watch: Curly Cloud and Sunset

During this rainy season, we seldom see colorful sunset. That’s why when we had one bright afternoon, I got excited. This sunset moment captured from a toll road, while I was on the car ride to reach my SIL’s home. I found an interesting cloud close to the sun. A curly one!

Curly cloud

9 komentar:

The Write Girl February 07, 2014  

The cloud is swirling. The sky looks like a work of art. Lovely!

Anonymous February 07, 2014  

Such a pretty sky!

Rajlakshmi February 07, 2014  

Loved the hazy effect of the clouds. beautiful

eileeninmd February 07, 2014  

Beautiful sunset capture, Lina! Have a happy weekend!

Carver February 08, 2014  

Very beautiful sky.

DeniseinVA February 08, 2014  

A beautiful sky and that curly cloud would have caught my eye also. Great shot Lina :)

Anonymous February 08, 2014  

Lovely sunset! That you may have many of these:)

Anonymous February 08, 2014  

Don't know if my comment got through...a lovely sunset! Wish you will have many of these:)

EG CameraGirl February 08, 2014  

Very lovely!

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