May 22, 2014

How You Can Use Innovative Lighting Ideas for Your Kids’ Rooms

It goes without saying that children are way too different from adults and therefore, you cannot expect a child to enjoy living in a room that has been designed in a mature way, regardless of how tastefully it has been executed. If you want your kids to love their rooms, you will have to think just like they do.

The last thing that children want is mature designs overtaking their imaginative world and more often than not, while you may take extreme care to ensure that their walls, beds, linens and even the carpets reflect the innocence of childhood, you often end up overlooking the lighting that forms part of their room. While this may not necessarily seem like an important issue to you, it can certainly bring about a world of difference to your kids’ rooms

When you buy electronics online, you could consider looking at lighting options available for children’s rooms. Besides, you can also use existing lighting options and transform them into a creative genius in the following ways.

1.   A massive statement lamp for girls:
Girls particularly love the idea of having access to things in their room that boast of vivid patterns and shapes and are also colourful at the same time. If your child’s room is decorated well with colourful carpets and wallpapers, a statement lamp would be just the right thing to balance the colours and patterns out. This lamp could boast of accent lighting for added effect. The table lamp itself should be of a neutral colour, specifically black to bring out the maximum effect of the accent lights from the lamp.

2.   A reading lamp with crisp edges:
Inculcating the habit of reading at an early age makes you child wiser in their older years, not to mention, it is an excellent activity for the brain too. However, poor lighting and uncomfortable facilities for sitting can lead to bad eyesight and posture respectively. Therefore, apart from soft, comfortable chairs cushioned all over along with an ottoman or a pouf to enable your child to stretch their legs while sitting, there should also be a reading light installed that sheds ample light throughout that area. Just like you would buy electronics online, you could look for sleek and stylish options for reading lights in kid-friendly, bright colours.

3.   Nightlight for toddlers:
As children grow from babies to being toddlers, they may not entirely be alright with the idea of complete darkness. At times when they get nightmares and wake up in the middle of the night disturbed and crying, a nightlight could be just the comforter that they need. In order to make it kid friendly, you could buy the ones that come on various shapes like those of animals or plants and even fruits. These nightlights are not too bright so as to disturb a child’s sleep and not too dim so as to not be noticeable and therefore, it is just the right thing a child needs at bedtime.

4.   Paper lanterns in vivid colours: 
    If you have two children sharing one room, you could use these round paper lanterns that are easily available in bright vivid colours and different shapes to hang from the ceiling that will not only add an element of elegance to your children’s room but will also conveniently provide an imaginary line dividing the two sides of the room.

These lighting ideas are sure to put a smile on your little one’s face as they enjoy taking in the beauty and colourfulness of their room.

Author’s bio:
Claire Anthony is the CEO of an interior design company and encourages her employees to buy electronics online due to their reliability and cost effective nature. She has been working in this industry for over 30 years and has established herself as a well known interior designer.

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starcraft September 09, 2015  

My cousins fear of darkness, too and I have turn on the lamp all night, but it's been broken recently. I think your ideas is suitable for me :) Thank you!

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