Apr 21, 2015

Myths and Facts about Hair Care


How many myths about hair care that you already believe? To straighten the wrong assumptions, I will share some facts pertaining to this case. There are several types of treatments such as hair cream bath, hair spa, and hair mask that can be found in various salons; do you already know the difference?

Nowadays, many women and men care for their hair at the salon. Each cream bath, hair spa, or hair mask treatment has different price, cream usage, and treatment. According to Rudy Hadisuwarno, an Indonesia hair care expert, cream bath and hair spa have almost the same function; the difference is the cream for hair spa has been mixed with essential oils commonly used for spas, such as lavender or lemon. While hair mask is intended to treat hair that is in trouble such as loss, brittle or dandruff, and this treatment given without massage so that damaged hair can be well nourished.

Here are some some myths and facts about hair care:

-Myth: Cutting hair can make hair grows faster and dense.
Fact: Not really. Hair growth is basically the same in every person with average normal growth is about 1-1.5 cm per month. Since each hair shaft is thicker than the roots and ends, the hair may seem thicker for a week after the cut.

-Myth: Wearing a hat can lead to hair loss.
Fact: hat will not cause a loss as long as not wearing it all the time and not too tight so that inhibits blood flow to the hair follicles. Hair loss can be rapid if the hair and scalp hygiene is not maintained since the dirt and the rest of sweat that not quickly cleaned can clog pores.

-Myth: Branched hair is difficult to overcome.
Fact: The solution is not difficult. Cut the ends of the hair on a regular basis, at least every three months. By doing hair care regularly, at least once a week in a month, which is tailored to the type of your scalp, your hair branching is only a memory.

-Myth: Hair spa and salon shampoo formula can cause hair loss.
Fact: Of course wrong. Hair loss occurs because of an unhealthy scalp and hormonal imbalance in the body. Hair loss can be overcome by doing hair care and keeping scalp clean regularly.

-Myth: Many treatments can cause limp hair.
Fact: Proper hair care cream will not make your hair limp. For example, vitalizing hair spa cream for thin or normal hair will make your hair look beautiful and fluffy.

-Myth: Dry scalp and dandruff can be solved completely only with anti-dandruff shampoo.
Fact: Unfortunately, the active substance in shampoo generally only works on the surface. To solve the dandruff problem, it needs hair care products that can absorb up into the cells of the scalp. You can choose products that contain Piroctone Olamine which serves to cleanse the scalp of excessive oil; eradicate dandruff and prevent it back again.

Knowing the myths and facts about hair care can straighten your perceptions that might have been less right.

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