May 14, 2011

Sweet Saturday: Weekend Getaway to Bandung

Last month we travelled to Bandung (West Java, Indonesia). Though this city is very famous for its shopping places; that’s not our purpose. We attend a cousin’s wedding.

We reach Bandung in the late afternoon. We spent that night in a guest house near my cousin’s house. We rent two rooms; the other room was for my father.

After the wedding, we moved to my SIL’s house and spent one more night there. The next day was my father’s birthday. With nieces, nephews, SILs and my brother, we celebrated my father’s birthday by having lunch together in a beautiful eating place. After lunch, we went back home. What a nice weekend!

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JonaBQ May 14, 2011  

Those are sweet photos of you and your hubby. It's really great to spend time with the family and relatives. I'm sure your father was happy to be surrounded by all of you on his birthday :D
thanks for linking up once again Lina!

English tips May 15, 2011  

Sweet Saturday for you too, friend, thanks a lot for sharing with us. Carlos from Brazil

Gin Hansson May 15, 2011  

Wow those are sweet and lovely photos of you and your family... I miss my family..:(

And you and your darling looks very sweet.. Happy sweet saturday Lina...

Yen May 15, 2011  

thank you for sharing the moment of quality time with your family:-)

Soulful May 15, 2011  

wow! that's a really happy bonding time and you sure look like you enjoyed the moment together..

Anonymous May 15, 2011  

Sounds like you had a wonderful (family) time!

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