May 10, 2011

Funny Shots

Feel lazy to write, I just share here two funny shots of mine. My niece, Aisha, looked so funny with the weird hair style. In fact, she just put her mother’s hair piece on the top of her head.

From these kids, there are two funny things. First, the curve line that formed by their heads. Second, the acts of two kids who sit on the left side. The boy was talking to her, but the girl’s respond was closing her ears, hehehe.

Ruby Tuesday

6 komentar:

Unknown May 10, 2011  

simple shots but very interesting.

J.Rylie.C May 10, 2011  

Very pretty!

My Ruby Tuesday please come and see.

Maria @ LSS May 10, 2011  

Haha. So cute.

Happy RT.

Mine's here.

Dhemz May 10, 2011 cute!

Anonymous May 10, 2011  

very beautiful new Hair Outfit

eden May 11, 2011  

Love it. So cute!

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