May 18, 2011

Engagement Rings Shopping Guidance

You have met a special woman whom you believe as your soul mate. To strengthen the love commitment, you crave to present her an engagement ring while asking her to marry you. Since this engagement is a very important moment in your life, you want to buy a perfect ring that can represent perfectly your strong love to her.

To avoid any hassle and confusion in searching the right engagement ring for your loved one; you should do your home work first. Buying engagement ring isn’t an easy decision; you must consider many things!

You should know what you’re looking for. It will enhance your self-assurance and protect you from dishonest ring sellers. There are some terms that you should recognize, such as the ring band, the ring setting, and the gemstone. When it comes to the gemstone; choose the right gemstone for your engagement ring base on its carat, color, clarity, cut and cost.

Select a reliable jeweler or online store. Make sure that the supplier is registered with a related organization that controls and certifies the jewelers in your country. Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendation on this kind of jeweler to your family and friends.

Although you want to give her the perfect engagement ring; it doesn’t mean that you are allowed to over spending. You must choose the right ring that still suits your budget. Decide the price range of the ring that you can afford!

You should know her jewelry preference and life style. If your beloved one is an active woman, it would be better and practical if you buy her the engagement ring with a lower gemstone setting. Select a ring that has strong and durable band; platinum ring band could be the perfect choice!

Many couples still choose diamonds for their engagement rings. If diamond is also your option; make sure that you really know your diamonds. As mentioned before, you must consider the carat, color, clarity and cut of the diamond. Acknowledge yourself with the related information will help you in choosing a diamond. When purchasing the diamond engagement ring, don’t forget to ask for its certificate of legitimacy and warranty. Happy shopping, guys!

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Advan Angkasa May 18, 2011  

tips and good information, for that would fiancee or marriage in choosing and buying ring

Best Engagement rings Dublin November 28, 2012  

Diamond engagement rings are a great choice for everyone as they are timeless and compliment any outfit or other jewellery because it always shows royalty.

Unknown January 21, 2014  

Your engagement ring says a lot about you and your husband-to-be.
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