Sep 1, 2011

The Night Before

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The night before Eid ul-Fitr in my husband’s home town (Bumiayu, Central Java, Indonesia) looks like a New Year celebration. I could see fireworks here and there. Some people were wandering the city –walking or riding vehicles- to state their happiness and welcoming the Feast Day. I'm most interested with a group of people who wandering the city on foot while holding torches.
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AstyNNS September 02, 2011  

Selamat idul fitri 1432H Mbak, mohon maaf lahir dan batin...

Bambang & Asty :)

Jackie September 02, 2011  

Interesting night shots, I hope you enjoyed your celebrations.

Tatjana Parkacheva September 02, 2011  

Very good night photos.


Anonymous September 02, 2011  

Wow! It looks like a delighted night. Remembering me the Diwali - the festival of lights :)

Kim, USA September 03, 2011  

I love fireworks but can't wander the city on foot, I may get burn ^_^ Happy weekend!

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BlogS of Hariyanto September 03, 2011  

fotonya apik dan keren :)
selamat hari raya idul fitri :) mohon maaf lahir batin

imriz September 03, 2011  

eid'l fitr is most awaited celebration for our muslim brothers. so much revelry.

eden September 03, 2011  

Such a lovely celebration. Beautiful photos.

Fikri Thufaily September 04, 2011  

nice photo,

taqobalallahu minna wa minkum

kimmy September 05, 2011  

that was such a happy celebration!

blogtronyok September 06, 2011  

Bumiayu.. i've spent the night on there.. with the wonderful traffic jam... :D

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