Sep 22, 2011

5 Perks to Pregnancy

Being pregnant. It’s nine months of feeling bloated, carrying extra weight, back pain and various other ailments. But is it really that bad? Surely, in all that time, and given you are the vessel for human life, there is something advantageous about the situation, other than the bundle of joy that comes along at the end.

There certainly is – and all you have to do is know how to milk it! So what are the perks of your nine months of pregnancy?

1. Time off
Ever been at work and thought, ‘I would really just like to take a break ‘. Well when you’re pregnant and after you have the baby you get that chance. Sure you’re tired, looking after a baby and feeding constantly, but you aren’t dealing with difficult customers, tough equations or execs that just won’t let you to what you do!

2. Comfort
Maternity wear is some of the most comfortable clothing you will ever wear. It’s roomy, the fabrics are soft, and the cuts are comfort plus. The best news is, because you are pregnant, you can wear these comfy clothes without a second thought!

3. The help
Before you were pregnant, all you wanted was a night off from cooking, a morning off from cleaning and someone else to peg the laundry out. Now you do. Your husband will do it for you. Being pregnant means you should no longer undertake labour of any kind, you shouldn’t reach or stretch too far and you shouldn’t carry anything heavy. You also need to stay away from chemicals and harsh cleaning products. This means someone else needs to take care of all your regular household duties. Sit back, relax and enjoy the perks!

4. Gifts
Diamond rings, pamper hampers, massage vouchers – gifts are not uncommon when it comes to being pregnant. Not only will you have a baby shower to equip you with much of what you need, you may also be lucky enough to receive an eternity ring after the birth of your first child.

5. Forced rest
In addition to kicking up your feet and letting hubby do all the work, the beauty is that you don’t even need to feel guilty! Your pregnancy, especially towards the end of your last trimester, is a time of forced rest.

6. More breaks
Ever worked hard all day at the office and reached the end of the day only to realise you haven’t even taken a toilet break? Worse still, ever done back-to-back meetings and been told you can’t break long enough to go to the bathroom? Another perk of pregnancy is this will never happen again. No one ever questions the need of the pregnant lady to visit the loo. While the constant need to go to the bathroom isn’t exactly fun, the fact that you have leave to...leave, whenever you want or need to, is certainly a benefit your less pregnant co-workers don’t have.

7. Food glorious food
Finally, being pregnant means big changes to your body. No matter what you do, you can’t watch your waistline – unless you’re watching it expand! While being pregnant doesn’t mean you can just eat whatever you want, it does mean you don’t have to pass over every great morsel like you do when you’re not pregnant. Indulge, treat yourself to the chocolate you want every now and then, take the time to try that cake!

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