Sep 16, 2011

10 Things Your Wife Really Wants For Her Birthday

No matter how many hints your wife might drop it is still hard to know what it really is she wants for her birthday. It is not just the things that you can give her, like gift baskets, jewellery or perfume, but also the services you can organise to surprise her, like hiring a professional cleaner to come and do the carpet cleaning or hiring a chef for a week.

Time Off

The perfect birthday for a lot of busy women is to just have some time off to do her own thing. If she is a busy career woman or a working mum, or even a stay at home mum, she will certainly appreciate some time where she can either just relax or go and spend some time with her girl friends. Offering to babysit the kids or doing the housework, the food shop or the cooking for her is a lovely way to spoil her.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets make a great gift, particularly for the woman with everything. A gift basket can contain anything you like and you can order some beautiful baskets ready made up online containing all sorts of items like skincare products, candles, bath products, chocolates, wine and gift vouchers.

Day Spa

For a bit of complete luxury spoil your wife with a relaxing day at a day spa. Whether you choose to give her a voucher for a massage or facial or give her an entire day's worth of different treatments it will be something she won't forget in a hurry.

Time with You

Often one of the hardest things to find time for is simply finding time to spend together. Make time for her birthday for a special date, just the two of you, or give her a promise that you will spend an evening every fortnight or a whole day once a month just the two of you.

Dinner Out

When you have to cook the evening meal for a family every evening there is nothing better than dinner out. Take her to a restaurant that she has been longing to go to and spare no expense. Order a three course meal and a special bottle of wine.

Housework Done

Hiring a cleaner is a great gift, particularly for a woman who doesn't need any more trinkets or clutter in her household. Cleaning can be fairly tedious and having someone come in and do if for you is a real luxury.


Why not spoil your wife with that long awaited holiday or go on a second honeymoon. If you need to stick to a bit of a budget book in for a weekend away at a romantic bed and breakfast somewhere like the Blue Mountains, the Hunter Valley or the Barossa Valley.


What woman doesn't enjoy shopping? Give her a handful of cash and drop her off at a shopping centre with her girlfriends.

Make Over

If she has been feeling like a new look or is feeling a bit run down and tired then book her in for a complete makeover. Book her in with her hair dresser for a new cut and colour, send her along for a refreshing facial and have her makeup done professionally.

Time with the Family

Sometimes it is nice to just organise for the whole family to be together for her birthday, especially if you have grown up children and grand kids.

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JonaBQ September 17, 2011  

i'm a certified wife...i love all these gifts!

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