Sep 17, 2011

Sweet Saturday: Not His Taste

My husband can cook well. I can also cook, but not as well as him. By tasting a food, he knows the ingredients and all cooking spices inside. I can’t do that!

So, if he wants to eat a special food that I’ve never made before, he’ll cook it by himself and I’ll become his assistant. But everytime he cooks something in kitchen, he’ll leave the kitchen in a totally mess! Oops, I’m just a cleaner here :)

He seldom criticizes my cooking. If he likes the food, he’ll say it. But when he doesn’t like the food, he says nothing. I observe that if he doesn’t like the food taste or he thinks that the food aren’t match each other, he still eats it; but only a little. Sometimes he goes to the kitchen to fix the taste and one other time he’ll go out of home shortly. I guess he leaves home to eat other food in an eating place, hehehe.

Almost every morning, I ask him what food that he wants me to cook that day. He also often gives me a menu suggestion first. It’s an advantage for having a husband who can cook.

Well, for husbands every where, your wife is cooking food for you with love and affection. Whatever the food taste, do appreciate it. If you don’t like the food, say it nicely or say nothing…

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JonaBQ September 17, 2011  

same with my hubby, he eats a little but doesn't say anything much when he doesn't like the food that i served. but you're lucky to have a husband who can cook. it's tiring to think of menu everyday.
thanks for linking up to Sweet Saturday Lina :D

coronaryrn September 18, 2011  

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kim September 18, 2011  

my husband is a better cook than I, lol!

eden September 18, 2011  

You are lucky your husband is a good cook. My husband doesn't like cooking but he never complains of my cooking.

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